Ali Haselbeck
Within my work I explore the boundaries between industry and the natural world, and the instances in which they clash and combine. I am interested in what a post-human and post-animal future could look like, and use my art practice to shape and explore those ideas.
Common themes in my work include motifs of fur, scales, spines and many other distinguishing features of various animals and plants. In contrast, imagery of infrastructure is present in my work, creating juxtaposition between natural and artificial. I like to look at the world as a naturalist might, categorizing and arranging-and most importantly rendering each intricate detail of a specimen. During its conception my imagery mutates and transforms, becoming referential to both genetic and mythological chimerism .
My process comes from a need to create, a metaphorical brain dump of ideas. Through the act of making work I find meaning and intention. Through their conception my images begin to make sense, and become a part of my lexicon of imagery and tropes. My work is created in a both photographic and illustrative foundation. I photograph and appropriate imagery, and simultaneously use my sketchbook to illustrate new content. I have a background in painting and drawing, but also utilize printmaking photography and sculpture. I like to walk the line between realism and abstraction, some areas are tightly rendered and others are exaggerated, minimal, or cartoonish.